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Whet Foundation believes in making a positive impact through various initiatives including, Destination Donation, Mental Health Awareness, Celebration of Life, Community Captains, and Ocean Conservation. Through Destination Donation, Whet Foundation gives back to the destinations visited by Whet Travel clients, providing essential items to underprivileged children. Whet Foundation prioritizes Mental health awareness, offering uplifting sessions for those in the music industry. Celebration of Life is where loved ones no longer with us are celebrated and participants have the opportunity to share their story. The Community Captains program identifies student leaders, fostering personal development and entrepreneurial spirit. Lastly, Whet Foundation is dedicated to ocean conservation, organizing immersive events to raise awareness and support research efforts.

Want to help and share in on the Whet Foundation experiences? Groove Cruise Miami 2024 offers exciting ways for you to get involved! Many of the volunteers rate their Whet Foundation experience as the highlight of their cruise.
For Groove Cruise Miami 2024 Whet Foundation Destination Donation will benefit R.N. Gomez Comprehensive School and Revival Time Highway Church of God. This initiative benefits the island's only public school, with 150 students, 40% of whom walk to school daily. Contributions directly enhance their education and aid in rebuilding a vital church, fostering community growth and positive change.

Captains attending GC Miami 2024 can volunteer to deliver donations to the children and engage in activities including art, music, and facility repairs. Many of the volunteers rate their Whet Foundation Destination Donation experience as the highlight of their cruise. Sign up to volunteer for Destination Donation through your Whet Travel account by December 9th. 
Sign Up Here to Volunteer
We are asking the #GCFAM to help us collect monetary donations and the requested donations for R.N. Gomez Comprehensive School and Revival Time Highway Church of God. All donations can be brought to the Captain Support Desk on the first day.

Monetary donations can be made here: 
Donate Here
Celebration of Life will be hosted to celebrate our loved ones no longer with us. The celebration consist of a biodegradable wreath and biodegradable note cards, where participants have the opportunity to share their story, write a message to their loved ones and put their message in the wreath to be thrown overboard. In many cultures the ocean is one of the primary factors that made life possible on earth. Sending off the departed into the ocean symbolizes the end of physical life and the beginning of spiritual rebirth.

With the written notes to loved ones, this allows all present to participate and share in this moving experience. It symbolizes a farewell and an opportunity for closure and healing.

We will provide further information regarding the timing of the Celebration of Life event as we approach the sailing date.
When The Music Stops is a nonprofit and community that supports emotional and mental health through music, connection, and love. We have partnered with When The Music Stops to host mental health talks ranging from artist-hosted panels to engaging journaling workshops. Keep an eye out for further information on the talks and workshops available for you to participate in during the 20th-anniversary celebration of Groove Cruise. 
We’ve teamed up with Neon Owl to bring you exclusive artist-hosted panels, offering valuable insights into the electronic dance music industry. Additionally, we’ll be hosting a demo listening party featuring some of the top artists from Groove Cruise Miami 2024. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!