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To create world-class festival experiences for lovers of dance music as a way to connect and celebrate life on the open ocean.


Family is at the core of everything the Groove Cruise is about. If you’ve never been, one cannot comprehend how true this is.
#GCFAM truly becomes your second family. We’re a collective of positive and diverse individuals who have an enthusiastic belief in our values and each other. As a family we are driven to do the right thing, all the time, every time, and hold one another accountable to do so.


No one will EVER be bored on Groove Cruise. The music will be going from the time your sandals hit the cruise ship until you disembark. Around every corner is something to explore: a DJ you’ve never heard, a massive disco slide, someone to pick up your energy. Every Groove Cruise will be unique and up the ante of what can be created on a cruise ship in terms of production and entertainment. The goal is to BLOW your mind. To create magic moments. Goosebump moments. And, of course, outrageous THEME parties. Got your costume?!


Who is the “Captain”? YOU are! Everyone on the ship is a captain and the most important person in the world. We are here to serve you. You steer the ship from where we go, to what cruise line and which DJ is spinning on Deck 10. SO… where do you want to go?


Top-of-the-line sound systems, lights, special effects, dancers, entertainers, artists, staff, security, management, and costumes set and stage designs, world-class ships, food, onboard experience, flawless organization, and planning.


We strive to always bring the world’s best electronic music artists by listening to our captains, conducting surveys, seeing artists perform live, and talking with EDM industry connections.


We are all about posting engaging content, running contests, reaching out for input via surveys etc. We are socially active online and in person, connecting on a deeper level and networking with our fellow captains and friends throughout the year. When we have a connection with someone it reminds us that creating excitement and life-changing experiences is a privilege we all share together.


Everyone onboard is a VIP and is treated as such (aka captain). Groove Cruise is 21+, but the majority of the #GCFAM is between the ages of 25-40 with an average age of 31 (some are obviously older and younger–age is just a number anyway!). The experience created on board is programmed for electronic music aficionados.


Freedom to be who you are, to dress as you wish, to be stress-free, to eat when you want, where you want, and with who you want, to be crazy and outrageous, to be sexy, to feel safe, to escape reality, to change your shoes and outfit whenever you like, to never wait in a line to get into a party, to nap or shower anytime with your stateroom only a few steps away, and to live in a fantasy world for three to four days.


Groove Cruisers celebrate like it’s everyone’s birthday on the ship; they hug, they high five, they smile, they go out of their way to make others happy, they celebrate life and love.