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Earn commission or a *free* cruise by bringing your friends onboard Groove Cruise!

You can also earn $50 per stateroom booked ($100 for suites), and your friends save $50.00 per person on their stateroom! 



Earn money with your email list, phone #s, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages! For just a few minutes of your time, you could potentially earn hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars with your Facebook/social page by creating some simple events and posts. This is called affiliate marketing. You're already posting to your Facebook so your family, friends, and fans can see what's going on. Why not place a promo code with the potential to make up to $100 per sale and a 10% override for referring other Whet Travel/Groove Cruise affiliates? As part of our extended network of affiliate partners, you have an opportunity to earn some of the highest commissions in the industry by promoting products from one of the most progressive brands in travel.

Become an Affiliate

Why Whet Travel?

The Whet Travel affiliate program works great for established websites, travel agents, magazines, radio, promoters, media, event companies, and marketing companies as well as the novice beginner who has a lot of Facebook or other social network friends and wants to make some money or earn a free cruise.

About the Groove Cruise

Since its inception in 2004, The Groove Cruise has excited the lives of over 25,000 people and is rapidly expanding each and every year.

This impressive growth creates a tremendous revenue-generating opportunity for affiliates marketing the Groove Cruise. You could earn commission and free cruises simply by bringing your hometown crew, fans, and followers onboard with you. Who doesn't love a free cruise, let alone a free Groove Cruise?

Commission Payouts for the Groove Cruise

Earn $50 per stateroom for sale of inside, ocean view and balcony staterooms.

Earn $100 per stateroom for suites


Sell 5 staterooms, and sail for free! Sell 10 staterooms, and your friend sails for free too!


*You must pay taxes and fees of $200.00 per person, per stateroom.

*Free cruise is based on the value of an interior stateroom original sale price ($849.00). Upgrades may be available for an additional cost.

*You must book and pay for your stateroom in full. You will be refunded within 30 days after sailing.

*You earn commission on your own stateroom, but it does not count towards your free stateroom. You must book at least 6 staterooms to earn a free cruise, including your own.

Getting paid

We have a vested interest in your success, because when our affiliates make money, we make money. So you can be assured you will be paid honestly, on time, and accurately. We understand the more you make, the more you will promote. The more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more we both succeed. This is what win-win is all about.


*You must book 3 staterooms or more to receive commission.

Current promotions

Affiliates can offer special discounts to their friends/clients on all cruises! Whet Travel is committed to your success and we feel that by allowing you to offer special discounts and amenities will allow you to sell more and look good to your clients! Our affiliates ALWAYS have the lowest rates.

Sales tracking

We offer real time traffic and sales statistics 24 hours a day for your convenience. Log in at any time to see up-to-date and accurate sales statistics.

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Miami to Coco Cay and Nassau 

January 26th-29th, 2018

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