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Why Embark on a Music Festival Cruise

If you’re a music festival fanatic who can’t make it to any major festivals, why not consider hopping on board for a music festival cruise instead? While most cruises occur during the summer months and peak seasons, some cruises visit destinations throughout the year. In October, say, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, aboard the Norwegian Jewel ship? Cruises offer an affordable way to travel while enjoying all the benefits of being at sea without worrying about missing out on anything important. If you’re still hesitant about a music festival cruise, read on for some benefits that might win you over after all.

Music Festivals Without the Hassle of Camping

If you've ever gone to a music festival, you know that camping is a lot of work. You have to pack your gear, set up your campsite, sleep on the ground, and worry about getting wet or dirty. Why not just get on a boat?

First of all, there’s no need to pack and unpack your things every day. Your room will be ready whenever you want it to be. And, there’s no need for any camping equipment or dealing with extra weight in checked luggage when flying home afterward – which can save you big bucks.

Treat Yourself to Luxury Amenities and Gourmet Food

When you book a music festival cruise, you know that you won’t be dealing with any Fyre festival or Coachella VIP disaster. Instead, you get access to luxury amenities, including a full-service spa and salon, onboard shopping, pools, casino, hot tubs, video arcade areas, etc. Plus, we all know the food at music festivals isn’t the best. You’ll probably have to wait in line for quite some time to finally get your hands on a burger and a margarita. Instead, a music festival

cruise has a list of complimentary dining, specialty dining, and world-class dining at affordable prices literally.

Save Money With All-Inclusive Packages

One of the best things about embarking on a music festival cruise is that it’s much cheaper than going to one in person. The all-inclusive package means you don’t have to pay for extras like food and drinks, which can add up if you stay in hotels or rental cars. You also don't need travel insurance because everything is taken care of when you book your ticket.

With the Groove Cruise Cabo, The Ascension, you’ll get:

● Experience nonstop electronic music from some of the world’s best electronic music artists on stages hosted by record labels, industry leaders, and well-known brands.

● Show your best self with over eight costume parties and events featuring different themes around the cruise.

● Enjoy an extensive list of artist and fan activities on board the cruise, from educational opportunities, games, sports, etc.

● Once in Cabo San Lucas, enjoy a private party and exclusive on-land activities from desert dunes adventures to local restaurants and more exciting opportunities to meet the local culture.

Ready to Experience a Music Festival Onboard a Cruise?

Music festival cruises combine a luxury vacation with an epic music fest experience. You'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities and attractions on land, ranging from day excursions to complete immersion into local cultures and communities through local tours. Then, you get to experience a unique experience created for music festival lovers. Whether you’re dancing along in the lounges or singing with everyone while watching the sunset on the deck, this isn’t like any cruise you’ve ever been before.